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About Us

Oneonta Technologies supplies a range of standard and customized Power Film Capacitors with Dry Film, Non-inductive, Medium and High Voltage for power electronic applications that are high reliability, highest quality, on time delivery and competitive price.

Capacitor types include DC-Link, DC Filter, AC Filter, Power Factor Correction, IGBT Snubber, GTO/Thyristor/IGCT Snubber, Power Resonant, Ultra-High Voltage, Decoupling, and DC Blocking.

Typical applications include:

  • Windmills

  • Power Traction Inverter

  • Medical Power

  • Solar Inverter

  • Power Laser

  • Motor Drives

  • Hybrid Vehicle Inverter

  • Welding Inverter

  • Induction Heating

  • High Voltage Power Supply

  • High Frequency Power

  • UPS and EPS Power supply

  • Marine Power Conversion

Solar Energy
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